Reduce airborne dust in underground coal mines.

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Reduce airborne dust in underground coal mines.

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Reduce airborne dust in underground coal mines.

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We started this company in 2017 to limit dust exposure in underground mines.

As coal miners ourselves, this idea originated through years of entering mines and noticing large amounts of airborne dust. We tried many different types of atomising spray bars from under mount off the mine services to roof mounted. In our trials we found that roof mounted sprays were more successful at reducing the dust by providing improved coverage.

underground mine

The driving force behind this company is to substantially reduce the dust and limit exposure as this is a major health concern for all mine workers.

Dust results


  • Reduced dust levels
  • Minimal effect on temperature
  • Controllable spray pattern
  • 24-hour coverage
  • Easy to install and move if required
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Each bar fully filtered
  • Reduced salt on roadways required
  • Less man hours on roadworks
  • Cost effective
  • No compressed air required
  • No moving parts


“We purchased 10 atomising spray bars after hearing about them from other operations and we installed them in our Longwall panel roadways to reduce respirable dust exposure when our people travel to the face. We haven’t done any sampling as yet but the feedback from the workforce has been very positive and the difference has been very noticeable. The benefit of these is from a risk reduction perspective by reducing respirable dust.”

— Kevin Meyer
Longwall Maintenance Superintendent

“Atomised have worked with us to suit their spray bars to our requirements, in turn substantially reducing respirable dust. Our dust monitoring provides hard evidence that we have more than halved the respirable dust at the working face areas through eliminating roadway dust becoming airborne in intake airways.”

— Isaac Burns
Development Superintendent